How does it work?

How to complete account registration

1. Fill in the form provided by our agents providing: • Finger print with which you wish to register for an account for future authentication purposes • Your names (First, Name) • Set a Personal Identification Number (PIN) between 4 to 8 digits (numbers) • Present valid official Identification Documentation (ID). Once all the information has been saved to the system, the customer can enjoy full account functionality. Partial account registration. This occurs when either a customer receives money from an MobiCash account holder but does not personally have an MobiCash account or when a customer signs up for an account online. In both cases, the customer will be required to finish off the entire registration process at the nearest MobiCash Agent outlet to enjoy full account functionality.

Using your phone (IVR)

The Interactive Voice Response system, referred to as the IVR, uses verbal cues to prompt customers into carrying out different functions. This is a readily acceptable method for customers who wish to perform certain functions without speaking to a Customer Service Representative. The functions a customer can perform on the IVR include checking their balance, making a payment, transferring money to another customer and hanging their Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Using the MobiCash

The MobiCash account allows customer’s various ways to use and access their accounts. Through the various ways, a customer can update their account information, make payments to participating  Merchants, check their transaction history, transfer money to other accounts and so on. The different ways you can use an MobiCash account include using a phone, a finger (print), an MobiCash Card, online access, or using a Merchant and/or Agent outlet.  

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